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  • Customising my project

    As you may have noticed we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2 grandchildren this year.  So my focus has been on some different activities.  I have been having great fun doing some knitting which I haven’t done for years. When I finished these 2 little jackets I went looking for commercial buttons to complete
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  • Aussie quilt for our new addition

    With the impending arrival of not one but two grandchildren in April and June my inner grandma has come to the fore and I am doing some knitting and sewing for the new bubs.  Being Australia day today I thought I would share the very Aussie flavoured quilt I made for my daughter.  Her little
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  • Website update

    I have updated my website and added some of my latest creations to the site as well.  I am really enjoying adding another direction in creating fun  pieces to my repertoire making steam punk journal covers.

  • New techniques

    One of the problems with the plethora of information, tutorials and inspiring images on the internet is wanting to try everything I come across. I have had great fun creating a range of tube beads with varying techniques. I have used the sculpey pearl tools, extruded strings of multicoloured scraps to create spirals, tried out
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  • Curing polymer clay

    For my followers who are interested in polymer clay one of the discussions which comes up regularly is what sort of oven people use successfully.  So I thought I would add my 2 bobs worth to this discussion. When I first started with polymer clay I used my sunbeam toaster oven. It took almost 45 minutes
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  • Special order

    I have been so busy working on my store I haven’t had a chance to do many posts recently.  I also have been working on an order for a lady who saw my work at the Bannockburn Creators and Craft Market.  She had a dress for her daughters wedding an wanted a piece to match.
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