Polymer clay adventures and new lessons learned

My first foray into polymer clay creations were driven out of need for some jewellery pieces to wear with favourite clothes.  I couldn’t find anything in cream and black and I also wanted something in a jade green.  The cream and black was made from another tutorial on craft art edu. The jade and black was a total experiment to not only make the colour I wanted but to also copy a necklace I wear a lot.  I am pretty happy with the results of both. I am now finding each time I make a piece I learn something more.

With the  jade beads I could not get the marbled appearance I wanted in a solid piece of clay.  Instead they were made with a veneer of the colour over the top of the bead shapes which was not quite thick enough to avoid polishing of and reveal the base colour when sanding and buffing.   I had to do some of the beads a second time to cover this.  That is one of the great things about polymer clay, you can add and change and fix things and just pop it back in the oven to cure again.  

Our creativity evokes memories

While taking some pictures this week and participating in a polymer clay Facebook group too, I was reminded of my darling sister Judy and how much we shared in our creative life.



My work with polymer clay reminded me that I had done a project once before in the early 2000’s when Judy and I attended a workshop where we made this little elf.  This train of thought then took me to some of the other fantasy creations we worked on.

We worked together on a pattern to create Kalemin our wonderful dragon. I can remember spending a day with Jude in the oncology day ward with her hooked up to the chemo lines while we imagined sketched and designed how he would come together. We had great dreams of developing our own little creative business, which sadly did not come to be.

Our pattern went through several iterations before we were happy with it. Every time I saw Jude she would have another little tweak. How I miss her creativity. She had a gift for imagining and translating her vision while I still need a pattern or picture to get me started.  I still have the pattern we developed and spent some time to digitising it with thoughts of offering it for sale.

Kalemin the dragon