• Visit my store

    Finally! After promising ages ago I have set up my online store. You can browse my creations anytime, there is lots to choose from. I am happy to discuss made to order as well. Just use the contact form on the Contacts page.

  • Join me

    Every journey begins with a single step.  This site has been something I have planned to do for a long time.  I have done sites for lots of others but never had time to do one for myself.  As a creative person for as long as I remember and feel it is time to show
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  • Having a cleanout

    Earlier this year we have moved my mother in law to a nursing home. Cleaning out her unit has made me realise that I don’t want my family to have to wade through all the stuff I have accumulated so this is my destash year.  Starting out with going through all the accumulated craft stuff
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  • Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery

    Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery The main purpose of this page is to share not only the jewellery I create but also to share and reflect on some of my other creative avenues of which there are many. I would love to explore others but it would take more than 1 lifetime. I
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  • Customising my project

    Customising my project As you may have noticed we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2 grandchildren this year.  So my focus has been on some different activities.  I have been having great fun doing some knitting which I haven’t done for years. When I finished these 2 little jackets I went looking for commercial
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  • Website update

    I have updated my website and added some of my latest creations to the site as well.  I am really enjoying adding another direction in creating fun  pieces to my repertoire making steam punk journal covers.

  • New techniques

    One of the problems with the plethora of information, tutorials and inspiring images on the internet is wanting to try everything I come across. I have had great fun creating a range of tube beads with varying techniques. I have used the sculpey pearl tools, extruded strings of multicoloured scraps to create spirals, tried out
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