• Curing polymer clay

    For my followers who are interested in polymer clay one of the discussions which comes up regularly is what sort of oven people use successfully.  So I thought I would add my 2 bobs worth to this discussion. When I first started with polymer clay I used my sunbeam toaster oven. It took almost 45 minutes
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  • Special order

    I have been so busy working on my store I haven’t had a chance to do many posts recently.  I also have been working on an order for a lady who saw my work at the Bannockburn Creators and Craft Market.  She had a dress for her daughters wedding an wanted a piece to match.
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  • Visit my store

    Finally! After promising ages ago I have set up my online store. You can browse my creations anytime, there is lots to choose from. I am happy to discuss made to order as well. Just use the contact form on the Contacts page.

  • Products for sale coming soon

    I haven’t post much recently because I have been busy both making stuff for an upcoming market and developing an online store. It is really surprising how much time is involved in bringing this to fruition. Apart from actually making my jewellery there is then photographing it, working out prices and lots of other small
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  • Polymer clay adventures and new lessons learned

    My first foray into polymer clay creations were driven out of need for some jewellery pieces to wear with favourite clothes.  I couldn’t find anything in cream and black and I also wanted something in a jade green.  The cream and black was made from another tutorial on craft art edu. The jade and black
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