Busier than ever in retirement.

When I retired there were so many projects that I wanted to do. I had visions of leisurely working along getting through my plans as well as the occasional wandering to further flung places to fill my days. One would have thought more than a year of limited local movements and travel I would have well and truly got through many of my planned projects.  Having my daughter and family living our adjacent unit with her working from home and helping care for my granddaughters also added an extra constraint.  I did get lots of sewing done last year which only resulted in a mountain of “scraps”. But too good and to big to throw out. I now have a moratorium on buying new fabric until I have worked through those and the new fabrics I have waiting to tackle.

However instead of just working on my planned projects since the end of last year I have added a new pastime, furniture flipping. Who knew, I always hated painting ie. walls and ceilings but I am really enjoying getting old sad dated pieces of furniture, giving them a new lease of life and finding new homes for them. On top of that the need for styling decor has spawned yet another plethora of ideas for taking smaller op shop ephemera and creating something beautiful with them. Pinterest has been getting a hammering for all sorts of ideas I want to try. One advantage with the small things is that I am beginning to see a whole lot of my craft stash being used which is not a bad thing. I just have to resist buying more. So here on my revamped website I will bring you up to date and enjoy showing off some of the things I have been doing. 

Steam punk journal

Website update

I have updated my website and added some of my latest creations to the site as well.  I am really enjoying adding another direction in creating fun  pieces to my repertoire making steam punk journal covers.

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