My Favourite children’s patterns

My sewjo has been reinvigorated in recent years since having grandchildren. When my kids were little and even for Laura in her teenage years I would sew for them and myself. Then life got busy and the sewing machine went into hibernation. It was a hassle to drag it out set it up and take over the space needed just for day to day living, so it really only happened for the obligatory “mending” or “taking up” which was always put off as long as possible. Although I always kicked myself when I did do it because it only took a short time to complete when I finally tackled it.

The impetus I needed



Rabbit Rabbit Hummingbird and Hourglass and dresses

Apart from having little ones to sew for, the other reasons for my renewed interest in sewing have come from the availability of great patterns from lots of great designers. These designers are creating and providing their designs which can be purchased and downloaded online. I am an impatient person who likes being able to find what I want right now rather than waiting till I have time to go shopping. The other impetus is an amazing array of great fabrics also purchasable online which have broadened the possibilities to create gorgeous clothes. Living in a regional city with only 2 purveyors of fabric available, sometimes of questionable quality and limited options, it is refreshing to find quality fabrics to feed my creative desires. It has also sparked the inspiration to sew for myself as well. But the fabric and adult patterns might be the subject of another post.

Where to start with my patterns for kids? The first year of my new grandchildren’s lives in 2016 I mainly did the same as my mum and grandmother would have done and knitted madly. That didn’t really work for our little tropical baby so I went looking for alternatives. I went searching online and found made some sweet little Hummingbird dresses from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. Following this I also made their Hourglass dress. both of these are gorgeous patterns. Please excuse the staging of many of these pictures as at that time I had no intentions of using them for anything other than personal reasons.

Off to the tropics

I was visiting my first granddaughter overseas for her first birthday and I went with a suitcase absolutely stuffed with new creations for our little girl. My next discovery was Tadah patterns, which provided an absolute goldmine of gorgeous patterns from dresses to rompers and more to keep me busy for our little girls. Even better was that it is an Aussie designer. My favourite and go-to make has been the Tea Party dress. I made one for both 1st birthdays and there have been many more since. Also, staples have been the Vintie overalls and All Seasons dress, The  Seaside pattern  both as tops and dresses is a really easy sew. The Breeze knit dress which the girls call their bra dress because of the bra clip closure on the back. More recently with a little boy added to our tribe the Vinties have been popular and I have also just recently tried out the Troop Shirt which was a hit in Bluey fabric. Last but not least from the Tadah stable has been the duffle coat, I have lost count of how many of those I have made.

Tea party dress
1st birthday dress
Matching dolls dress
Vintie overalls
Seaside as a top with matching flexi shorts
The seaside pattern is very flexible and an easy quick make
Duffle coat
Tea party dress
This one headed off the the Cayman Islands for our tropical baby's first birthday
Another duffle coat
This time I couldn't resist in using this fabric for another duffle coat.

A change in direction

As I continued making more for the children it became clear that their mums weren’t that keen on ironing, so I started to look around for patterns for knit fabrics. At the same time, I found some gorgeous fabrics featuring all sorts of different popular themes so I wanted patterns to feature these. The first of these is Peekaboo Patterns, where there are many great patterns for both adults and children. My favourites include the Altitude pullover and Huckleberry Hoodie which have sections perfect for adding panels. These are just a few of the ones I have made.

Finally, the other favourites are Brindle and Twig who have some great patterns for babies and toddlers. One of my go to’s from them is the Harem romper and the Lap Neck Tee which is a great little Tee for babies. One of their newer patterns the Mini Modern Joggers will be used frequently.  I have also had the pleasure of making some things for my gorgeous grand nieces, which you can see in the pictures.  The little pink spot tops and jungle leggings are Brindle and Twig patterns. 


Lately, I have been making a lot of Ellie and Mac patterns.  I had been trying out many raglan t-shirt patterns and have found theirs to be the ones I prefer.  Also, their Kids Jogger and Half Pipe T patterns are a great one for the bigger kids. I have been a little slack in taking pictures recently mainly because as soon as something is finished the children lay claim to them.  

Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery

Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery

The main purpose of this page is to share not only the jewellery I create but also to share and reflect on some of my other creative avenues of which there are many. I would love to explore others but it would take more than 1 lifetime. I was missing my embroidery so decided this was the year  to get back into it. I spotted the Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home  project in my internet rambling and decided this was it for a project. It was a lot of work and I put it down a couple of times because it got a little boring doing the same set of stitches on various pieces but I am pleased I stuck with it to the  finish. I was determined to complete it and for it not to become another UFO in my cupboard.  Deciding to give it to my lovely daughter in law Rowena for her birthday gave me a deadline to work to. The embroidery was a lovely way to relax an destress, the assembling of the box was quite a task but I am very pleased with the finished project. I can see little errors, but it has been made with love and even a few drops of my blood from needle pricks. It is now in its new home with Rowena. She is very busy at the moment with her gorgeous new baby Lucy, but when she does get a chance to take up her embroidery needle again I hope it gives her much pleasure.


Cream and gold

My most recent crazy quilt project was a piece for my youngest sisters 50th birthday.  She is building a new home so I left it to her to decide whether she wanted to frame it or make it into a cushion.  One of the things I love about crazy quilting is that I can indulge in using lots of gorgeous embellishments, laces beads and buttons.  A girl can really never have enough buttons, but that is a story for another post I think.