Polymer clay buttons

Customising my project

Customising my project

As you may have noticed we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2 grandchildren this year.  So my focus has been on some different activities.  I have been having great fun doing some knitting which I haven’t done for years. When I finished these 2 little jackets I went looking for commercial buttons to complete them and could not find anything I liked. Read more

My oven set up

Curing polymer clay

For my followers who are interested in polymer clay one of the discussions which comes up regularly is what sort of oven people use successfully.  So I thought I would add my 2 bobs worth to this discussion. When I first started with polymer clay I used my sunbeam toaster oven. It took almost 45 minutes to come up to temp and I had to stand and watch it constantly to keep the temp even, opening and closing the door to stop spiking. Also it was in my kitchen as it was also used for other purposes. My working space is in another part of the house so if I was baking I couldn’t really do any other work. I went looking for an alternative. Read more

Special order

I have been so busy working on my store I haven’t had a chance to do many posts recently.  I also have been working on an order for a lady who saw my work at the Bannockburn Creators and Craft Market.  She had a dress for her daughters wedding an wanted a piece to match.  I took some pics of it and then sampled the colours from it in Photoshop as a palette to work from.  I and my customer were pretty happy with the result.