Furniture Flipping

First dresser
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I talked previously about taking it easy in my retirement and my new pastime of furniture flipping.  How did this come about you ask?  While my daughter was living in our granny flat with her family they came across some cheap second-hand furniture which they decided they might acquire and repaint to use in their new home or sell. A dresser and several sets of bedside tables sat on our pergola deck for a considerable time before I finally got sick of them and decided to tackle the task myself. In Laura’s defence working full time and caring for her two girls was a big ask to find the time to do what she wanted to do with them. I also had some pieces in my lounge room never matched which I decided I wanted to bring up to date. 

What came first?

The first item I tackled was a pine dresser which Laura got for a very low price.  I finished it, put it on Marketplace and it sold the next day.  This was the catalyst for my new distraction.  This is the dresser I started with and I am going to put all of the retrospective pieces into a gallery as I am sure you don’t want me to discuss them all separately.  If you want to ask any questions about any of them please just contact me either here on the website or message me on my Facebook page.

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