Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery

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Home sweet home – enjoying my embroidery

The main purpose of this page is to share not only the jewellery I create but also to share and reflect on some of my other creative avenues of which there are many. I would love to explore others but it would take more than 1 lifetime. I was missing my embroidery so decided this was the year  to get back into it. I spotted the Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home  project in my internet rambling and decided this was it for a project. It was a lot of work and I put it down a couple of times because it got a little boring doing the same set of stitches on various pieces but I am pleased I stuck with it to the  finish. I was determined to complete it and for it not to become another UFO in my cupboard.  Deciding to give it to my lovely daughter in law Rowena for her birthday gave me a deadline to work to. The embroidery was a lovely way to relax an destress, the assembling of the box was quite a task but I am very pleased with the finished project. I can see little errors, but it has been made with love and even a few drops of my blood from needle pricks. It is now in its new home with Rowena. She is very busy at the moment with her gorgeous new baby Lucy, but when she does get a chance to take up her embroidery needle again I hope it gives her much pleasure.



Victoria | Australia

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