Special order

I have been so busy working on my store I haven’t had a chance to do many posts recently.  I also have been working on an order for a lady who saw my work at the Bannockburn Creators and Craft Market.  She had a dress for her daughters wedding an wanted a piece to match.  I took some pics of it and then sampled the colours from it in Photoshop as a palette to work from.  I and my customer were pretty happy with the result.


Our creativity evokes memories

While taking some pictures this week and participating in a polymer clay Facebook group too, I was reminded of my darling sister Judy and how much we shared in our creative life.



My work with polymer clay reminded me that I had done a project once before in the early 2000’s when Judy and I attended a workshop where we made this little elf.  This train of thought then took me to some of the other fantasy creations we worked on.

We worked together on a pattern to create Kalemin our wonderful dragon. I can remember spending a day with Jude in the oncology day ward with her hooked up to the chemo lines while we imagined sketched and designed how he would come together. We had great dreams of developing our own little creative business, which sadly did not come to be.

Our pattern went through several iterations before we were happy with it. Every time I saw Jude she would have another little tweak. How I miss her creativity. She had a gift for imagining and translating her vision while I still need a pattern or picture to get me started.  I still have the pattern we developed and spent some time to digitising it with thoughts of offering it for sale.

Kalemin the dragon


Cream and gold

My most recent crazy quilt project was a piece for my youngest sisters 50th birthday.  She is building a new home so I left it to her to decide whether she wanted to frame it or make it into a cushion.  One of the things I love about crazy quilting is that I can indulge in using lots of gorgeous embellishments, laces beads and buttons.  A girl can really never have enough buttons, but that is a story for another post I think.